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Learning to Code at the Flatiron School

Why I'm Learning to Code

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Up until recently, my experience with technology has primarily been as a consumer and end user. Whenever I interact with a beautifully designed website or a user friendly application, it would fill me with awe and wonder. “How was this made? How does it do what it does? It must be magic!”

I also often think, “It would be great if there was an app that could do x, y or z,” or “This tool would be so much easier to use if… blah blah blah.”

Those thoughts and ideas eventually evolved into the desire to take the initiative to learn to build products myself. And that has led me to The Flatiron School where I am today, learning to code and demystifying the magical powers of the Internet and technology. My goal for the next three months is to learn as much as I can and go on to help create something that will make a positive difference in the world.